What does PRoViScout want to achieve?

The objective of PRoViScout is to increase the amount of quality science data that remote planetary rovers can deliver on behalf of Earth based science teams. This will be done by prototyping intelligent technologies which increase the autonomy of planetary exploration vehicles and therefore exploration efficiency.


Why is PRoViScout important for Europe?

Mars exploration promotes the European competencies in the exploration of difficult and hazardous terrain on Earth, using autonomous robotic platforms. For space science itself, the Project helps save resources of future European missions by maximizing their science return.


How does PRoViScout benefit European citizens?

PRoViScout will effectively increase the amount of data returned per Euro spent on European space missions thereby ensuring good value for European Taxpayers. The development of the core robotic technologies will help secure European jobs in this emerging market.


Video of rover trajectory during a field test (click image to download)

AU Rover