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JRJOANNEUM RESEARCH is one of the most important focal points of scientific research and economy in Austria. It has carried out cutting edge research in the European context for the last 30 years in the fields of geological sciences, environment, biotechnology and environmental technology, electronics and information processing, materials and processing as well as economy and technology.

Graz Uhrturm (Copyright Graz Tourismus)
Graz Uhrturm (Copyright Graz Tourismus)

Apart from applied research and development JOANNEUM RESEARCH offers custom-designed technical business consulting and vast expertise in interdisciplinary management of complex research contracts at a national and international level. JOANNEUM RESEARCH consists of 5 research institutes with more than 400 employees.

The DIGITAL Institute specialises in web and internet technologies, image, video and acoustic signal processing together with remote sensing, communication and navigation technologies. These technologies are implemented in hardware and software development and application-oriented solutions using scientifically sound methods. Research activities are carried out within ESA, EC and national frameworks, while commercial product developments are realized in close co-operation with private companies. The problem-solving capacity is further enhanced by active participation in international cooperative research projects and by close collaboration with universities and other research institutions in and out of Austria.

The Close Range Photogrammetry Team (Gerhard Paar) within DIGITAL’s Machine Vision Application Research Group deals with industrial, biometric, environmental and space-related 3D modeling and reconstruction from passive and active vision sensors. Besides PRoViScout co-ordination, the Team holds national project leadership in the Austrian Centre of Competence “ECV – Embedded Computer Vision“, co-ordinates the 3D vision aspects of the panoramic camera system PanCam on ESA’s ExoMars Rover mission 2018, and co-ordinates the FP7-SPACE Project PRoVisG. Research for space robotics is complemented by industrial terrestrial applications, such as the Dibit tunnel scanner system.

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Team Members

jr_2 Gerhard Paar

Gerhard Paar is head of the close range photogrammetry Team in the Machine Vision Applications Research Group of the JR Institute for Digital Technologies. He leads the development team for the photogrammetric tunnel metrology system dibit, one of the first fully automatic industrial close-range photogrammetry systems for non-expert users world-wide. Gerhard Paar coordinates the ExoMars PanCam 3D Vision Team and the EC FP7-Space Projects PRoVisG – Planetary Robotic Vision Ground Processing (2008-2011) and PRoViScout – Planetary Robotic Vision Scout, and he is key-researcher for Features, Recognition & Matching within the Austrian KProjekt Centre of Competence Embedded Computer Vision (ECV) for industrial computer vision cutting edge development. Within JR he acts as project manager for industrial, national funded, ESA and EU – funded projects in the domain of 3D computer vision and photogrammetry.

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