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SCISYS Overview

The SCISYS Group is a leading developer of IT services. We develop robust, real-world application solutions and provide supporting services that create real business benefit.

SCISYS operates in a wide range of markets and domains bringing high value products and services since 1980. SCISYS PLC is made up of two subsidiaries – SCISYS UK Ltd and SCISYS Deutschland Gmbh with offices in the UK (Chippenham, Bristol and Reading) and in Germany (Bochum, Darmstadt and Oberpfaffenhofen).

scsisys-company_215x217_8b3c7881157789134f12d2ee579a9d24For more information about SCISYS, our services and capabilities please visit the SCISYS website.

Space Division

The SCISYS SPACE Division covers all aspects of a space system; from fundamental research and the proving of new concepts through to the realisation of complex ground segment services and infrastructures as well as the support of mission critical spacecraft operations.

SCISYS deliver integrated solutions and products for ground & onboard systems, including:

  • monitoring & control,
  • automation,
  • autonomous & intelligent systems,
  • system modelling & simulation,
  • infrastructures,
  • data services and applications.

SCISYS are also specialised in the provision of on-site engineering and operations support and professional consulting services for the management and procurement of space (and space related) projects.

For more information about all our Space services please visit the Space section on the SCISYS website.

Robotics / Autonomy

With a view on space flight activities, the technology fields Robotics and Autonomy are closely connected with the topics of Space Exploration and In-Orbit Servicing (OOS).

International space exploration programmes (e.g. to Mars and Moon) will not only rely on probes and satellites – they will also rely on new mission elements such as Landers, Orbiters and Rovers.

SCISYS approaches such mission preparation with innovative technology development and the wider insights brought about through experience and know-how of the whole company group.

Introducing Indie…

Indie is SCISYS’ robotic research platform that plays a key role in our cross-technology research programmes. It gives us “Indie-pendence”

  • by releasing our software prototypes from mission hardware constraints
  • by providing opportunities to deploy software in test environments of our choosing
  • by demonstrating the benefits of autonomy directly to our customers
  • by providing a our own tool for partnership research collaborations
SCISYS' Indie provides a working robotics platform for prototyping software applications
SCISYS’ Indie provides a working robotics platform
for prototyping software applications

Building on experience

Extending on the success of the CREST Robotic Scientist project Indie has the capability of complex object detection, identifying areas of interest in any given environment. Localisation can be achieved through 3D mapping techniques available from the stereo camera system, as used on the martian Aerobot project. Sensor fusion between wheel odometry, GPS and stereo cameras provides accurate positioning on 3D terrain.

Indie operates as part of our own management suite that allows monitoring and control of a number of mobile platforms, alongside interaction with novel control devices as demonstrated in the Independent Robotic Porter System framework 7 Project. Indie will be utilising SCISYS technology on PRoVisG, PRoViScout and X-Rob projects.

For more information about Indie and other robotics and autonomy capabilities, please visit the robotics section on the SCISYS website.